FAQs for Restaurants

Benefits of Participating in Barbados Restaurant Week​​

  • Listing and Restaurant Profile/Menu Page on the BarbadosRestaurantWeek.com
  • Local exposure, as well as regional and international exposure to visitors through BRW newsletter and social media channels
  • Opportunity to celebrate food and dining with the Barbadian Community and visitors alike.
  • Access to a Media Kit, including utilizing the Barbados Restaurant Week logo and name for printed menus and advertisements
  • Invitation to pass food at the Barbados Restaurant Week Kickoff event
  • Complimentary invitation for two to attend the Barbados Restaurant Week Wrap-Up event to share your experiences
Frequently Asked Questions for Restaurants
What is Barbados Restaurant Week?
​Barbados Restaurant Week is your opportunity to showcase your restaurant to Bajan consumers and visitors by offering prix fixe lunch and dinner for one week only.Does my restaurant have to participate for the entire length of Barbados Restaurant Week? ​
​Yes. All participating restaurants are required to participate for the full number of days. You may determine your own hours for lunch and dinner.I am a chain restaurant. Does each unit in the chain have to register separately if they want to participate?
Yes. All restaurants receive identical benefits so each participating restaurant has to register individually.What does it cost for a restaurant to participate in Barbados Restaurant Week?
The cost to participate is minimal per restaurant. Fill out the Online Registration Form to get started. Your participant fee goes straight to advertising and promotion of this event to help make it a successful as possible.

How will Barbados Restaurant Week be promoted?​​​

  • Print and online advertising
  • Online advertising on BarbadosRestaurantWeek.com
  • Television, Radio and online advertising campaign
  • Exposure through a dedicated Barbados Restaurant Week Web site will list all participating restaurants and their full Barbados Restaurant Week menus.
  • Posters will be distributed to participating restaurants and will be displayed in various locations throughout Barbados
  • An ongoing public relations campaign​

What is the deadline to participate in Barbados Restaurant Week?​
There is no deadline to participate in BRW. However, we recommend signing up at least six weeks in before the promotion.

Do I have to offer a multi-course dinner for the determined amount per person?​​
​Yes. It is completely up to each restaurant to determine their special menu, but to participate in the program you must have a multi-course meal for the determined fixed price per person. Participating restaurants MUST offer the three-course prix fixe every day they are open from Sunday to Sunday, except Saturday when it only has to be offered until 7 p.m. Please follow this schedule. The three-course prix fixe MUST include at least three choices of each course — three appetizers, three entrees, three desserts. If you would like to add additional items to your prix fixe menu that are higher priced, you may add them with a supplemental charge. This is provided that there are still at least THREE non-supplemented choices on the menu. You may also offer your existing menu.

​This variable price point allows restaurants to price their menus accordingly. Menu items do not have to come from the restaurant’s regular menu, but should be representative of the restaurant’s style of cooking. As an example, restaurants whose normal fixed price menu is above the Barbados Restaurant Week price points, create a special menu reflecting the BRW price points, yet still giving the diner a wonderful dining experience.

Pricing options:

  • Lunch: Fixed-price 2-3-course Lunch for BBD $25, $35, $45.
  • Dinner: Fixed price 3-course Dinner for BBD $39, $59, $79, $99.
  • Specialty Offer: Fixed-price of 30% Discount
  • For restaurants whose menus are already below $25 for lunch or below $39 for dinner – create a specialty entrée, appetizer-entrée combination or even stretched to “Dinner for Two” depending on the pricing structure that best fits the restaurant, and offer 115-30% Discount.

Can I include liquor in the fixed price?​​​
​Yes, to attract diners you can include beer, wine, cocktails or any other beverage in the multi-course fixed price, or you can offer discounted cocktails or wine as an additional way to grow the guest check.

Can I offer “upgrades” to the fixed price menu for more money?​​​
​Yes. Restaurants can offer a fixed price multi-course meal for the determined amount with special add-ons at additional costs. That is, you could offer the price fixed option, and then, tableside, offer the customer the option to add shrimp for an additional discounted price, for example..

Does my restaurant have to offer three appetizers, three entrees and three desserts to choose from?​​
​Yes, we expect all restaurants to follow the guidelines agreed to when registering for Barbados Restaurant Week.

When will my restaurant be listed on the Web site?​​​
Your restaurant will be listed as soon as you complete the Online Registration Form, decide on your menu choices, and make your payment.

Restaurant Participation Form

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